6 Ways to dress like a hippie

Without reservation, the best surprise of the 60s and 70s is the hippie culture, with its strong subcultural style and rebellious philosophical thinking that still fascinates the public today. Whether you want to go to a music festival or change your usual style of dress, it's not hard to look like a hippie. What are the hippie elements you need to master? Try these suggestions.

1. Rebellious Hippie Tie-Dye t-Shirts

"We sew our own clothes." This hippie spirit is reflected in the unique hippie soul T-shirts, while they express themselves through a variety of rebellious slogan shirts.

2. Choose To Wear With Ripped Jeans

Choose bell-bottoms, faded or ripped denim jeans are even better. Jeans that fit either gender can symbolize the "equality" that hippies sought in their hearts, and ripped, raw-edged denim can symbolize rebellion in the simplest way. Jeans are a staple of hippie culture.

3. Bohemian Floral Dress

People also call hippies flower children, flowers are undoubtedly the iconic pattern in hippie culture. Emphasis on the artistic temperament of people, rebellion, and freedom also with a romantic color of the bohemian dress was naturally taken into the common hippie style.

4. Colorful Hair Bands

Colorful hairbands are the real deal if you're eager to reveal your Hippy chic side.

5. Indian Inspired Hippie Accessories

American hippies found inspiration for dressing themselves among the Native American Indians, and you could say that the freedom-seeking Indians were the original hippies. The feathered ornaments from the tribe naturally became the elements of the hippies' quest to return to nature.

6. The Peace Sign

In 1967, hippies launched the hippie movement called "Summer of Love" with the new gesture of Love and Peace. Then all kinds of items with peace symbols also became the hippie style elements

What Is The True Color Of Hippies?

Nostalgia for the simple and primitive group life, looking for a spiritual home in a utopia, wearing a flower on the head as a symbol of love and peace, advocating pure spirit, treating people with kindness - This is the true color of hippies!

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