Hippie Symbols And Their Meanings | Part 1

Symbols are an indispensable part of hippie culture. Hippies call for love and peace and advocate nature, which is a communication between spirit and nature.


These characteristics are also reflected in some hippie patterns. Hippie symbols originate from cultures around the world and are widely used in hippie clothing, jewelry, and artwork nowadays.


In this blog, we will list some of the most common hippie symbols and their meanings for you. Let's take a look!


The Smiley Face

The classic yellow smiley face was created by Harvey Ball in 1963 and became one of the symbols of hippie culture in the 1970s. Ball's smiley face is also the symbol of World Smile Day. The meaning of a smiling face is clear, because it means one thing: Happiness.

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The Peace Sign

The Peace Sign was originally a death sign in the Teutonic language of ancient Northern Europe. It was adopted as a "peace sign" in 1960 and has been used ever since. The sign is an essential part of hippie fashion and has been used in a variety of different types of fashion clothing.

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The Tree of Life

First originating in Egypt, it represents the soul's connection to the universe. This symbol means finding your roots through the immortal Tree of Life and staying in touch with your true nature to access more wisdom and new experiences. Hippies believed the Tree of Life could remind you to trust your path, wherever your journey takes you, and listen to your soul!

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The Om Symbol

OM is a symbol that extends from sound and is given a supreme meaning as well as the most powerful and soothing of all Mantra. OM is a symbol that extends from sound and is given a supreme meaning as well as the most powerful and soothing of all Mantra. This symbol is not only used in yoga, but is also very popular in hippie.

The Lotus Flowers

the lotus generally represents the awakening and enlightenment of the human mind, with pink and purple being the most common. In hippy culture, the lotus flower symbolizes a minimalist life in harmony with nature. It is also a symbol of inspiration, encouragement, and a reminder that you can overcome any difficulty.

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In closing

We have listed just a few of the hundreds of symbols popular in hippie culture. Stay tuned as Hippie Symbols And Their Meanings Part 2 is coming very soon...


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